Roses from Bones - Chris Fritz - Close Up Black and White Photo
Chris Fritz of Roses from Bones Live in Lakeland 2

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Hey, I'm Chris Fritz.


I'm the musician, singer, songwriter, producer, designer, manager, agent, and publicist of Roses from Bones. I'm an Aries & an ENFP, I love light beer, and I share a birthday with Robert Frost. I'm also a handyman, Zelda fan, and Shakespeare nerd. I got started in music playing covers on a beat up red Ibanez acoustic at local open mics and on downtown sidewalks for cheap beer and spare change.


I listen to KALEO, Twenty One Pilots, Florence + The Machine, Taylor Swift, Muse, Caravan Palace, Marty O'Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra, Kanye West, Jay Z, Jack White, Jon Bellion, Caamp, Polyphia, and much more.


I write songs based on my perspective and experience. My life is colored by religion, philosophy, addiction, poverty, mistakes, success, dreams, love, loss, joy, and fear. Through my music, I aim to ask questions and tell my story.