Roses from Bones is an indie-folk music project by Chris Fritz out of Florida.

He got started playing covers at open mics and on downtown sidewalks for spare change and cheap beer.


Now he writes of what shapes humanity: virtue and vice; life and death; joy and pain.

His songs emphasize emotion and storytelling.

Some things die for beauty to bloom.

Guillotine is about growing up and facing flaws. It is Fritz's first fully solo project, recorded with one microphone under layers of blankets and foam during the last two weeks of December 2020, produced with stock plugins in Logic Pro X, and mixed on earbuds and beat up Hyundai speakers. It releases on February 5, 2021.

Hey, I'm Chris.

I'm the musician, singer, songwriter, producer, designer, manager, agent, and publicist of Roses from Bones. 

I'm an Aries & an ENFP, I love light beer, and I share a birthday with Robert Frost. I'm also a handyman, Zelda fan, and Shakespeare nerd.

I got started in music by playing covers on a beat up red Ibanez acoustic at open mics and on downtown sidewalks for spare change and cheap beer.

I listen to KALEO, Twenty One Pilots, Florence + The Machine, Taylor Swift, Muse, Caravan Palace, Marty O'Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra, Kanye West, Jay Z, Jack White, Jon Bellion, Caamp, Polyphia, and so many more.


I recorded and produced Guillotine in the final two weeks of December 2020. My father had a tragic accident in November 2020, and since them I've been staying on an air mattress in an unfinished room at the back of his house, making repairs and seeing to his affairs as he recovers in a neuro-restorative center in central Florida. 


Guillotine is the first project I've done fully on my own, and it was more challenging than I expected. I tend to get bogged down fighting imperfections in my work, but to finish Guillotine, I needed to do my best and let that be enough. I'm proud to say, despite its flaws, Guillotine is my best yet.


Guillotine features acoustic guitar, male vocals, drums, percussion, and bass. I worked in Logic Pro X with a software bass and Logic's motown software drummer "Benny." I built a blanket fort for a mic booth, and I accidentally recorded most of the guitar with the mic backwards. A tree scraped the window in one of my best takes, and if I isolate the vocals, I can faintly hear the neighbors in their backyard. I don't have studio monitors, so I mixed on earbuds and my beat-up Hyundai speakers. I spent two days reading everything I could about mastering and probably didn't make it worse.

But most importantly, I took a risk, and I finished it.


Like I've said before: "What is life without a little gamblin'?"

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